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Why Lease a Private Safety Deposit Box?

Store Valuables

Store Documents

Identity Theft




Bank Failure

Fire Protection

Robbers can break into your home and safe and steal your valuables. 

Home Invaders can force you to open your home safe. 

There are several reasons your assets, including a bank safety deposit box, can be frozen: identity theft, bankruptcy, divorce, death, and bank failure. 

A fire could destroy your important documents like: birth certificates, passports, deeds, automobile titles, pictures, jump drives or hard drives with important data. 

The contents of bank boxes are strictly regulated by the government. Some items cannot legally be stored in them.

Security Highlights

  • UL rated for highest security.
  • 24 in thick, steel-reinforced, hardened-concrete, walls, ceiling and floors.
  • 24 hour video surveillance.
  • State of the art security system.
  • Armed guards always on premises.

Other Benefits

  • Temperature and humidity controlled environment.
  • Privacy – Private viewing rooms are available for the placement and retrieval of your personal items.

For peace of mind at a very low price, move your valuables to a private box at Arizona's finest security facility, The Vault. 

The Vault Boxes

All boxes require a one time $75 key & lock deposit.
Also available, secure closets inside the vault.  Ask about pricing.

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